The Journal of Scientific Research (JRS) is an international multidisciplinary electronic journal with the ISSN 2170-1237, published by the University of Bechar. This journal is free of charge and it's located at the interface of research journals, and the vulgarization journals in the field of scientific research. It publishes quality articles in the domain of basic and applied sciences and technologies, where the main objective is to coordinate and disseminate scientific and technical information relating to various disciplines:

  • Electrical Engineering.
    • Electronic.
    • Electrotechnical.
    • Automatism.
  • Mechanical Engineering.
    • Mechanics.
    • Energetic.
  • Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science.
    • Physics.
    • Chemistry.
  • Architecture, Civil Engineering and Hydraulic .
    • Civil Engineering.

   The research articles and the development must be original and contribute innovative, helping in the development of new and advanced technologies, like the studies that have concrete ideas which are of primary interest in mastering a contemporary scientific concepts. These articles will not be published in another journal or under review elsewhere. The target readership is composed especially of engineers and technicians, teachers, researchers, scholars, consultants, companies, university lab, teaching techniques and literary...

   Important :

  • Only english papers are published in JRS.
  • The posted articles, must comply with the editorial rules of the journal (see the JRS template).

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